"Quality Is Remembered!"

How can we beat most lenders? 

Conventional wisdom says the larger the bank or mortgage firm, the greater leverage they have to get the very best rates.  Which at times can be true, BUT, those institutions also have buildings, supports staff and massive operation expenses to factor in profitability.  All factors that should have nothing to do with you right up until you get their fee’s worksheet. With me, your loan is based on it’s own merits.  Whether we do one loan a month or fifty, your situation is not affected by outside factors or set quota.  We can beat anyone’s best proposal 9 out of 10 times.  And if you get a quote better than ours, we will tell you to take it knowing you got the best deal possible and we are happy for you.  And if you have questions along the way concerning the other lender, feel free to give us a call.  Being a good corporate citizen and dealing with the highest level of integrity has been the backbone of our business.